Fuel Crisis before Easter Weekend

Fuel prices for 2012 have left drivers topping up fuel for the past few days, leaving many petrol stations out of fuel or creating queues of traffic on the road waiting their turn.

The crisis of rising fuel has been an ongoing issue, in particular for diesel drivers as the price gap between diesel and petrol has more than quadrupled in two years.

By Bidgee via Wikipedia Commons

Due to the potential strike by the United Union which represented 2,000 tanker drivers it had left car drivers in panic and at unease about what to expect next as plans were to strike over Easter weekend. Yet decisions for the tanker drivers strike were ruled out yesterday.

Prices for fuel will remain high and most likely continue to rise. Experts had estimated that prices in August this year should be 139p for petrol and 145p for diesel yet prices the past week had left drivers paying 148.9p for diesel at its highest or lucky to find cheaper stations for 142.9. Similar to diesel, petrol users also suffered the impact paying prices from 136.9p the litre up to 144.9p.

Misled information and suggestions given by the Government had sparked the recent panic leading people to fill up whatever empty containers they had. Reports say that one woman had filled up empty jam jars and paint tins with fuel.

This morning the Department for Energy and Climate Change stated that there will be no need to queue at petrol forecourts. They said: “There is no urgency to top up your tank, a strike will not happen over Easter.”


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