A-Level Success

I remember the feeling – the shaking hands extended out to receive that anonymous brown envelope. The anticipation and polluting stares from parents and friends propelling you forward and with blind hope you rip it open…

For me, it wasn’t the greatest result. C, D, E. That’s all that my two years of blood, sweat and countless paper cuts had amounted to. All the folders and books in the world could not erase the truth – I had failed to get into my first and second option for University. That fateful job at Mcdonalds was mine for the taking and that August of 2012 I was ready to assume it. Clearing had not crossed my mind but when I logged onto UCAS for the millionth time that year and saw that I had been automatically put into Clearing my heart raced.

I was losing hope when the University of Bolton’s Clearing page popped up on my email but in less than two hours of clicking the ‘apply’ button, I had secured my place and accommodation.

On A Level Results Day 2014, thousands of you across the country will be plunged into perhaps one of the biggest decisions of your life but in no way does it have to define you. In no way did that C, D or E reflect my hard-work or intelligence that year but it did teach me a valuable lesson. Don’t be complacent about it and always jump at every opportunity that comes your way.

So when your results are opened, now or later – whether you don’t know what to do with your life or know you’re destined to be the next JK Rowling, never give up. Bad or good A levels do not mean the end of your life, they mean the start of it, and you never know, the direction it takes you in might just surprise you.


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Sarah Kiernan

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Third year student at the University of Bolton doing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. Originally from Brighton. Love writing, reading and researching.