It’s a fact of life: we all desire and need good jobs, in order to create stability and provide for ourselves and our families. This guide tells you of just some of the most important aspects that employers are looking for in a successful candidate.

1. Attitude

A good attitude is key to success. Being polite and getting on with work is important, but enthusiasm and passion for the job and field you have applied for go a really long way with employers. Being passionate for the subject/product/service the company provides is essential. Bring an example of work you have done previously in that field, either through volunteering or a previous employer. Explain to the interviewer exactly what it is about the company which makes you so excited about the prospect of working with them.

2. Appearance

Appearance and body language go together as one. It is important that you have good personal hygiene, and that you’re clothes look decent and professional. In terms of body language, make sure that you are not slouching or frowning. Smiling and engaging with the interviewer are very important. Remember, you’re going for a job that could well be a career for you, so you want to make a good first impression!


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3. Research

Even if you have never heard of the company before, or they are a relatively new company, doing your research is one of the most important aspects of a job interview. Make sure you know how long the company have been around for, how many people they employ and, most of all, what product/service they provide! If you have the time to go beyond this, then use that and do further reading on the company: their sales, clients, reviews, etc. The more research you can do, the better!

4. Self-Awareness

Knowing what you want and need from a job and your career is important. Always do your research and remember to internally ask yourself the question: Is this company suitable for me? If the answer is yes, really pursue the company, and if they turn you down always ask for feedback. If the answer is no, do not waste your time or effort on a company which is not suitable for your wants and needs.

5. Don’t Panic

This might sound simple, but if you are nervously twiddling your thumbs this could be a major turn off for employers, especially if the job you have applied for is on the career path you want to take. Even if you don’t feel it, act confident. Don’t be arrogant or egotistical, as that is also a major turn off, but coming across as having a confidence in your ability is key to success. Employers will jump at the chance to hire a person who can remain calm under pressure.

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