The Good, the Bad and the “Uglies”

Having gone shopping last week (my all-time favourite hobby), I came across this “cookie monster” looking at me. Intrigued by the creative packaging, the creature and the blue splodges, I was eager to find out what the real deal was.

Image: Charlotte Corner

The packaging did not give away much, and although it states that they are cocoa cookies, they seemed mysterious – which lured me in even more. Admittedly, the “cookie with eyes” did not seem very appealing but the use of the eyes made the product seem comical and child-like.

My brothers instantly laughed at the “cookie monster” and wanted to tear the packet open. Lily O’Brien’s character really seemed to do the work, as it not only tempted myself and my brothers but the rest of my family. (If you can grab the attention of the whole family, you really have created a well branded product.)

At a price of £2.64 in TK Maxx, I thought I would let myself in on the deal. The “pouch”, as referred to on their website, consisted of 8 “Uglies”: extremely chocolatey, slightly crunchy cookies. And as the name states, they really are not the best looking cookies, but who are we to judge a book by its cover. The taste of these little treats was just mouthwatering, the endless amounts of small cookie nuggets that vanished after a bite, covered in a smooth coating of milk chocolate.

Image: Charlotte Corner

Described as “moreish” on their website, I could not agree more, and with a not-so-sinful-nutritional value, four of these “monsters” only consisted of 200 calories. A well deserved treat for yourself after a long days work, or even as a treat for someone else. And finally we have a chocolate that can free us from our vanity; their motto goes by “you don’t have to be beautiful to be loved”.

These Uglies deserve a loving 9/10, but be careful to not be fooled by their bad looks, because they are seriously chocolatey and are looking for some loving.


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