The City of Edinburgh

The sole flaw in my Edinburgh trip was the fact that it was too short. Usually unimpressed by the busy hurly-burly nature of a city, Edinburgh was a pleasant surprise. The beauty of a town and the liveliness of a city was somehow perfectly merged in Edinburgh to form the idyllic holiday destination.

Ross Fountain Princes St Gardens (Meskens via Wikimedia Commons)

With so much to enjoy in Edinburgh, I didn’t manage to see a majority of its “tourist attractions”. However, the three days I spent in the city allowed no opportunity for regret or complaint. If questioned personally, I would rank the top three haunts of Edinburgh as the Museum on the Mound, Camera Obscura and The Stand-up Comedy Club.

First opened in 2006, the Museum on the Mound takes you along a journey of Scotland’s history of banking, money and the forgery and crime that emerged alongside it. It is a free museum with brilliant exhibits including a large glass case containing a million pounds – a sight from many a man’s dreams! The museum also displays a variety of money-printing equipment from when The Bank of Scotland originally opened. Additionally, it parades a wide range of antique coins – quite different from the ones in our wallets today. There isn’t an age limit to this museum, and their attractions cater for all ages. For instance, young children can try and crack a safe and be rewarded with a chocolate coin if successful. On your way out, strike your own coin for the perfect souvenir to this memorable experience.

Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura is a world of visual illusions, magic, stunning holography and unending knowledge. The final floor on this building of amusements is in fact the “camera obscura”: one of the inventions that led to a camera as we know it today. It is a fifteen minute show, and has been carried out for over 150 years. It is a fun and educational “must” on a visit to Edinburgh. Look out for my personal favourite, the vortex tunnel. At an affordable price, and with a much appreciated discount for students, the Camera Obscura is worth every penny!

The Stand-up Comedy Club is an evening of entertainment also worth mentioning. Only a few hundred feet away from the Hotel I stayed at, this was the perfect way to wind down after a tiring day of travelling and site seeing. The show I saw entitled “Red Raw” was absolutely hilarious and at the most affordable price you could imagine. Huddled in a crowd of friendly, light-minded and humorous people, with a pint to ensure the spirit levels remained high, I was only managing to catch my breath through boisterous laughter alternated by silent chuckles. This club is open every night of the week, boasts a great variety of talented comedians and houses a well-priced bar.

Other places worth visiting in Edinburgh include The Castle of course, Holyrood Park and The Royal Botanical Gardens (for a day to soak in some Scottish weather and possibly have a picnic). If travelling with children – in addition to visiting Camera Obscura – “Our Dynamic Earth” (which is not far from Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park) is a 4D Adventure with around 15,000 million years of history to take in! It is ideally suited to children. In addition to this, there are several museums that are absolutely free, worth stopping by.

I strongly urge those who haven’t, to travel to Edinburgh and explore its history, culture and sheer beauty. Personally, after visiting Edinburgh, I am convinced I would move to it if finances permitted. The city has no age limit, barely a reason to complain (apart from the sometimes deceptive Scottish sun), a lot to learn and a lot to see. It is a trip you won’t regret – unless you forget to wear your walking shoes and carry an umbrella!


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Tara Sud

After living the first seventeen years of my life in India, I travelled to the England to study at the University of York. My undergraduate degree was in English Literature and Linguistics, and I am currently completing my Masters degree in Romantic and Sentimental Literature. Apart from writing, I thoroughly enjoy playing piano and consider myself a commendable Scrabble competitor. I have a keen interest in literature, psychology and biology and love to learn in general.