Students’ Sexy Calendar Shoot Gets Slandered

It is an absolute disgrace that Sky newsreader Colin Brazier has attacked the University Charity Calendars. He slandered them because of the nudity in them. If you take a look at the photos created for the calendars they have all been captured with taste, classy looking photos. None of the photos have too much revealed and instead they have been nicely positioned and edited.

Members of the societies that have taken part in the shoots should be more than proud of themselves for their commitment and charity work that they bring forward. The photo shoot Colin Brazier so foolishly picked on was that of the Leeds University’s Equestrian Society, classing them as ‘pornographic’. The calendars have sold 450 copies, raising over £1000 for the RDA which is their charity for Riding for the Disabled Association.  In addition to this the girls have also offered support for troops of 5th Battalion the Rifles and through all the publicity have even become mascots for the Rifles in Afghanistan.

Students that are so dedicated to want to raise money for charities all deserve high respect. In particular, during the economic recession where money is tight, especially for students. Therefore it is vile to hear professionals put down such students that only mean well for those in need.

The statement made against the calendars has caused great publicity and has got all media publications talking about it; even as far afield as Australia. When the original 300 copies were made, an extra batch was to be made for the number of requests for these calendars.

It is sad to say that we live in world where females in glamour shoots are frowned upon, just for showing some skin and posing in a sexy form, looking good. Yet naked Firemen calendars have been about for plenty of years and no one has yet slandered them.

At the end of the day, people should not be so prude about such charitable events, nothing outrageous can be seen, and suitable objects have been used to delicately conceal private regions. All in all, the pictures are sexy, and sex sells. A stylish way to sell calendars using chic and elegant pictures of society members to raise money for charity. To frown upon such pictures is pathetic and should consider the true meaning why these pictures were taken.


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