It’s an interesting thought to imagine what humans will evolve into. Maybe we’ll evolve to have two heads, or develop gills and go back into the water; the possibilities are endless! However, what we can often fail to see is the clear divide that is currently splitting us in terms of our physical abilities. As is well known, obesity is on the rise but, there also appears to be a clear increase in the amount of people who are taking strength and fitness to a serious level. This is resulting in a divide of people who suffer from obesity and those who take fitness levels to the extreme. If this continues to escalate, will we evolve into two separate species?


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Obesity is estimated to affect one in four people around the UK. Shocking reports from the Health & Social Care Information show that there were Ten times more hospital admissions between 2012-13 compared with just ten years earlier. Common health problems associated with obesity include type two diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Modern medicine has acted as a remedy to this as obesity can now be easily treated. There are various types of medication that can be consumed to help with weight loss as well as different types of surgery such as the gastric band surgery which can help people to permanently remain a healthy weight. With all of these available it leads me to question whether obesity will continue to escalate so dramatically; if it wasn’t for modern medicine acting as its safety net the nation’s health would undoubtedly deteriorate even quicker.


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On the other end of the physical spectrum there is a growing obsession with physical strength and fitness. Events like Octathlons, Tough Mudder and Iron Man are becoming more widespread; it seems that more and more people are challenging their bodies to the limit. Not only does this increase their health and fitness levels but can also take their physical strength to the extreme. Žydrūnas Savickas is a Lithuanian powerlifter and professional strongman who is notably the world’s strongest man as announced for the fourth time this year. In this year’s Arnold Strongman Classics, Savickas broke a world record in the deadlift by lifting a colossal 1,155 pounds! He is a perfect example of how people who have gained an obsession with fitness are evolving into a race of so called ‘super humans’ who have unbelievably high levels of physical strength and stamina.

In comparison to each other it seems as though those with extreme fitness levels seem to be far more advanced than those who suffer from obesity. With both types of person being completely opposite from each other it’s clear divide that it has caused amongst humans has created a possibility that they will eventually evolve into two separate species.

With this in mind, what does this mean for each of them? Will those who suffer from obesity be kept alive purely because we have developed medicine that has allowed them to do so? Will this so called race of ‘super humans’ take over with their abnormal levels of fitness? Only natural selection will tell.


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