My Beef With Bus Drivers


If I walked into a shop to pay for an item with a note and they couldn’t give me the correct change, that would be an issue for the shop to sort out, one would think. I certainly wouldn’t expect to be told to get out the shop and told to take my business elsewhere. This is what happened to me on a recent bus trip. I could only afford the trip with a £10 note and upon producing this, the bus driver snapped at me, as though this was my fault that he didn’t have any change. Not only this: he told me to get off the bus.

I was appalled, and thought that, if I owned a business and saw my staff treating customers in that way, I would fire them on the spot. He could have suggested – in a nicer manner – to perhaps ask people on the bus if they had any change. Luckily, a kind person on the bus walked to the front and gave me the extra 20 pence I needed to pay for the fare in correct change. I wasn’t the only one in shock. Everyone else on the bus, including the gent who lent me 20p, looked baffled by the driver’s outburst.

This isn’t the first incident I have had with bus drivers and I often find them very rude and almost reluctant to do their job. In my opinion, every business – no matter what market they are in – should ensure their employers have good communication skills and handle customers politely and with respect. Unfortunately, bus services aren’t the only industry that show a lack of quality customer services. I have been into many shops where customer service is severely lacking in courtesy– the one that springs to mind most is the Sports Direct chain.

But bus drivers, in my opinion, need to exercise some manners the most. It doesn’t take much effort to be polite and friendly, and you certainly feel better for it. So: to all the grumps out there, put a smile on your face and be happy… and you never know; the world may even be a better place for it.


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  • Jack Abbot

    Good article! 

    I agree that bus services in particular are often ill-prepared for the tender they are very likely to receive. I do however understand that maybe one unwritten rule or expectation that bus services have is that travelers are expected to have the correct change. 
    As much as I can imagine this being expected of customers on bus services I whole heartedly agree that it is preposterous and especially so with the increase in fares. The higher the fares the larger the tender they should prepare for. 

    Kind Regards, 

    Keen Traveller