M&M’s celebrate The Diamond Jubilee

It seems as if it is not just people across the world that are celebrating the Queen’s 60th year on the throne but indeed one of the UK’s most beloved brands too; the M&M’s.

Taken by Corner

Shouting out in very British packaging, the Limited Edition M&M’s are unmissable as bright blue, red and white sweets. The peanut chocolates inside match the packaging and although taste no different, still make them that extra special because of it. With a royal limited reduced price of £1.50, how could you say no to such a sweet treat to the day?

The comical sketch in the M&M advert leaves every watcher with a soft spot for the yellow M&M, who desperately tries to get involved with the British celebrations by modelling a series of traditional British outfits, who without success gets called an “epic fail”.

But it seems as if not every person can take the new Jubilee branding as comically as others. Protest groups are claiming the branding is “cynical” by cashing in on the historic event. It is evident that many products are currently making the most out of the Diamond Jubilee, as Kit Kat also uses the Union Jack on their packaging, similar to Finish products, or even Heinz beans using a Royal slogan with a 1950’s theme.

Taken by Corner

The American confectionary company Mars conducted research and found out that Britain will splash out an additional £334m on celebratory food and nibbles alone over the Jubilee. What this research didn’t identify, however, was whether this increase of sweets was down to celebrations or whether it was due to the branding. The research stated that those consumers were only more like to notice products labelled “Made in Britain”.

But then are these companies to blame? Surely that is just the world of business, clever research and marketing. As leading products across the globe, particularly in the UK, it is important that these popular brands keep up to date with events and marketing to maintain their reputation in this competitive industry.

Whether the consumption of Kit Kats, M&M’s and other nibbles have increased as a result of the royal branding or purely because they are perfect party sweets that our nation value, marketing is clever and people have a choice of their own whether they wish to buy royal branded sweets or not.