Market Bargains vs Supermarket Rip-offs

After a good rumble at the market, walking away with eights bags of fruit and veg, and £15 down, I felt defeated by the market. Not a necessarily a bad defeat but definitely tiring. After unpacking, I wondered why the market isn’t the place to go by many more people for fruit and vegetables.

Be creative: strawberries, oranges and kiwis were crushed here with 1/4 apple juice.

After asking friends why they prefer shopping in supermarkets, the answers were unjustified, “it’s easier, you get good quality and it’s probably the same price”. In this case, they are wrong, the prices are so unbelievably different, supermarkets are expensive and know how to up the price with organic products. Just to outline the five biggest savers I made at the market compared to supermarket prices:-

10 Grapefruits: Market- £1, Supermarket- £4
8 Peach: Market- £1, Supermarket- £4
2 Punnets grapes: Market- £1, Supermarket- £3
3 Cucumber: Market- £1, Supermarket- £2.70
2 Punnets strawberry: Market- £1.50, Supermarket- £3

Yet the total amount of money spent at the market was £14.70, which at a supermarket would have accumulated to £30.46. In my eyes, shopping at the market is definitely worth the walk or the odd taxi fare home to help carry the bags amount of cheap goodies. Now don’t get me wrong, at times you do not have opportunity to pick your own fruit and veg, and there is a chance of getting slightly riper fruit than expected.

Nothing, however, needs to go to waste. With those squishy fruits, pop them into a blender with crushed ice and create your very own refreshing drink. You will be killing two birds with one stone – you have treated yourself to some delicious healthy nutrients and vitamins for your body and you can even practice creating quick home made mocktails.