KONY 2012


You’ve just woken up in your pleasant house in the suburbs you can hear the gentle tinkling of the sprinklers that are watering your lawn, and the delightful sound of children …. no… the children are gone, they have been taken in the night by a man and your children are now forcefully subjugated to carry out violent acts, and they may even return to hurt you.

This all sounds rather dramatic, and might be difficult to read but it is happening right now, in Africa. Imagine if it did happen in a small town in England, how would people react? Just because its happening somewhere far away from us, and at first they may have nothing in common with us, but you’ve missed something huge, we are all HUMAN.

When I first saw the Kony pictures on Facebook, I thought ‘oh whats this about? Just another fad?’ But no I gave 30 minutes of my life to watch this 
YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc, I don’t need to explain much of what this movement is about, JUST WATCH THE VIDEO… please.
This must not become famous for the movement, but for the arrest of Joseph Kony. The beauty of this is that the arrest of Joseph Kony is 100% possible, its literally is in the peoples hands, forget political, religious positions etc. and embrace the pure power of the human race, and take full advantage of the technology that is available! Of course the movement is asking for donations, but this is such a distinct and special movement that it goes beyond money, Joseph Kony’s arrest can actually happen if the whole world shows the ‘people in charge’ that it matters that justice is served.

So even if its just putting a poster in your window, or tweeting about it, or I don’t know even using the old-fashioned medium of communicating… talking! Share the word.. tell the generations who arn’t technological able… This message needs to reach every inch of this beautiful planet… for the Human Race is the most complex and incredible aspect of life, and if we can change this horrific attack on these invisible children who knows what other terrible tragedies we could prevent… WE ARE SHAPING HUMAN HISTORY.


  • http://twitter.com/e_hodson Emily Hodson

    There has been a lot of speculation about this and awareness is obviously important, but when they ask you for money to go straight into their very generous salaries (due to the fact they’re a non-profit charity), it makes it all a bit seedy…