Forgetting Feminism?


Some women need a lesson in feminism. The amount of times a day I hear women being sexist towards themselves or allowing men to dominate and humiliate them just because they think it’s acceptable astounds me. Why do so many modern-day women who live in the same society as myself seem blissfully unaware of feminism and the struggles that our past ancestors have been through, the fighting and passionate rioting they have been an active part of in order to break through the male egotistical and misogynist world; why do women just not understand the past and seemingly don’t give a sh*t about their rights?

If you’re not feminist, then there’s something categorically wrong with you, whether you’re male or female. What right-minded, intellectual and prevailing person wouldn’t want equality in the world? It’s not right that we’re in the 21st century and people are still clueless about the realities and harshness of life. You’re name’s Pam and you work the typical 9-5 office job. You sit next to a bloke called Steve and although you do the exact same work, for the exact same boss, for the exact same company, Steve gets paid more than you. Why? Because he’s male. Are you aware? No, because you live in a land of make-believe in which you’ve been indoctrinated to believe you’re equal to Steve merely because you’re sat in the same office as him and get to drink out of the same water cooler. But you’re NOT. And you’ll go about your daily business not knowing how crooked and chauvinistic your boss is.

“But how was I to know?”, Pam cries! Because if you truly cared about being unequal and regarded as the inferior sex in the first place then you’d openly inquire about these things before you end up serving twenty years in an office you secretly don’t like but just accept because you think anyone else will employ a feeble, average woman. Where has the strength and courage of our ancestors disappeared to? We need to reclaim feminism and everything it stands for. Feminism has taken a downward turn for the worse because of the negative connotations it receives from those who don’t understand it. No, feminists don’t hate men. No, feminists don’t want to take over the country and reverse the dominance that has been asserted over us since the dawn of time. Yes, we want change, but only in a positive manner.

It’s time for us women to stop letting these abusive and sexist males over-shadow our abilities. We’re not just here to procreate and breastfeed. There is more to me than a f*nny and a pair of t*ts. I am human, just like a man is human, but even more so, I’m a woman who wants equality. I want to be noticed. I want to be accepted for who I am and not how good my rack looks in a V-neck sweater. It’s time to stop accepting ourselves as the weaker sex, because we’re not and never have been. Sure, we might need a man’s help in opening a jar of pickled eggs, or we might need our tire changing by Bob down at the local garage. But who said a woman can’t open that jar or change that tire? Who said a woman can’t do the exact same things a man can do? Men have told us for centuries that we can’t do things and that we need them in order to survive. The truth is, we need each other, and with needing each other comes accepting each other, and with accepting each other comes equality and a mutual understanding that men and women should receive the same wage, the same bonuses, the same chances in life and the same recognition.

Those women who don’t get offended by sexist jokes or those who have never heard of Emily Pankhurst should be ashamed of themselves. You’ll never be respected by a man if you make his sandwiches and fetch his beer for him whilst remaining totally unconscious to the real world of feminist struggle and debate. Stop faking orgasms just to please his ego, stop letting him humiliate you in front of your friends because you think you deserve it, and stop being afraid to be the woman your mother and grandmother would want you to be. We are strong and this idiotic perception of us being weak and second best has to be eradicated. How can we be weak when we push entire people out of our vaginas?  Steve might let you borrow his calculator, but I bet he couldn’t do that.

About the author

  • Becky Bridgman

    Frannie this is an awesome article but because I love you I am going to argue, but this is not because I dont agree!

    You say that you believe in equality of the sexes but your argument is solely focused upon the male/female dichotomy. If equality is what you want, then why have you singled men out as having “egos” and generally portray them in a negative light:”it’s time for us women to stop letting these abusive and sexist males over-shadow our abilities?” Like yourself, I wish we had 100% equality between both sexes in this world, but can this ever be achieved when our mindset is permanently set upon the age old rivalry of men vs women? We are all guilty of it, as we have been conditioned to perceive men and women differently from birth instead of viewing differences in the form of a continuum. But even if we aspire to be ‘equal’ who are are we wishing to be equal to…men? That implies that men possess normative, “standard” traits which we currently don’t have.

  • Kirsty Wareing

    I’m a feminist too but i’m not sure this article is going to win over anyone who might be sitting on the fence. saying that there is something categorically wrong with them – how about blaming the lack of education on the issue rather than people themselves? Or the patriarchy that has indoctrinated those feelings of inferiority in these women throughout their entire lives? telling someone to stop letting a man humiliate her just doesn’t really solve the problem for someone who might be suffering at the hands of a domestic abuser, or being forced to prostitute herself to feed her children. we also need to reach out to men so that they can understand why a society with greater gender equality would benefit everyone.