Christmas Gift Guide – Best Beauty and Style Gifts

It’s Advent so the countdown to Mince Pies, Santa and Nativity has begun! Don’t be caught out hurriedly buying last minute prezzies on Christmas Eve, check out our Christmas Gift Guides here.

As the pressure period approaches to cram all of your Christmas shopping into a few weeks, most people are still panicking about what to buy. Whether for a significant other, the ‘I don’t want anything for Christmas’ family member or that one fussy friend, beauty and grooming products are the light at the end of the tunnel. Nobody can go wrong with cosmetics, surely? But although they are the safety net for dealing with indecisive gift receivers, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them the best. So whether you’re splurging or saving this Christmas, here’s a top ten guide of beauty and style products that will lift your spirits a little.

Rights; Molton Brown

Rights; Molton Brown

#1 Molton Brown

This men’s Black Peppercorn Gift Set – marketing for £34 –  is just one of the many wonderful products sold in the Molton Brown collection. They cater for both male and female, bath and body and offer a bursting variety of fragrances. Men aren’t easy to shop for, especially in the beauty department but with Molton Brown’s unique range, you’ll be spoilt for choice for both him and her.

This men’s gift set is discounted to £27.99 right now, click here to get it while it’s still there.

#2 Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is an all round winner if you’re struggling to buy for a special woman in your life. Their quippy one liners on the bottles and to-die-for smells make for a great gift for any lady who loves to pamper herself. Their trademark items such as The Righteous Butter and Hand Food moisturisers are always a hit but their brand new collection has landed just in time for Christmas, including their £10, £30 and £60 gift sets.

This “For the Best!” gift set gives a nice range of gorgeous scents and smells for a very fair price (£15). Click here for the deal.
Bee Sting Facial Kit £190 Rights; Heaven Skincare

Bee Sting Facial Kit £190
Rights; Heaven Skincare

#3 Heaven

If you’re looking to splash out the cash a little this holiday season then look no further than the wonderful range that is Heaven skincare. Heaven specialise in making your skin flawless and although budgeting a little higher than other cosmetics, you certainly get what you pay for. The fantastic Bee Venom range has hit the press and soared in sales recently so treat a loved one to Heaven’s ‘patented secret youth giver’ this year.

For more of Heaven’s line of products click here.

#4 Andrew Barton

On a bit more of a budget this year? The Andrew Barton hair care range is professional but affordable. Varying between lightening shampoos and sprays, to repairing conditioner masks, Andrew Barton supplies whatever you need to whoever needs it. His range is sold at ASDA which has a two for £6 deal on most products.

Click here to find some of his products online.

#5 Jo Malone

Nothing smells better than a well thought out Christmas present. The colognes on offer at Jo Malone are like flavours of ice cream – plentiful and each one as luscious as the last.  You can find your special lady’s ideal fragrance easily with the handy perfume sub-categories; whether she’s a citrus, floral or spicy kind of girl, Jo Malone has plenty for you to choose from. Although slightly more pricey, these perfumes last ages and smell great.

For more, visit – Jo Malone™ Official Site‎


Bronzed Beauty Queen Gift Set £9.99 Rights; fragrancedirect

Bronzed Beauty Queen Gift Set £9.99

#6 St Moriz

For those who love to sport sun-kissed skin but begrudge paying unfair prices, St Moriz is your calling card. Whether it’s a gift for someone who loves their tan or simply a little treat to yourself, the affordable tanning mousse which markets around £3 a bottle is the perfect gift. And if that isn’t enough, try this Bronzed Beauty Queen gift set for maximum glowing complexion.



#7 Remington

Nothing is more practical than receiving new electricals for Christmas and of course I mean straighteners, curlers and trimmers. Remington’s sale has produced some very attractive prices for very attractive products – varying between £18 and £50 for male and female hair tools, the gift of salon result hair styles is the perfect Christmas present for anyone who looks after their hair.

Now that Movember has passed, there’s no reason for Moustaches to exist. This Remington beard trimmer is a perfect way to clear away the face fuzz of a hairy faced family member or partner. 


If you think that makeup would make an ideal gift for someone special then the ARTDECO range is here to rescue you. Finding a reliable brand of makeup and cosmetics is difficult to come across but ARTDECO has a great span for everyone. But even if makeup is an unsure option then the facial and body care range brim with cleansers, lotions and masks that will keep skin fresh and young for men and women.

If you’re unsure what to get, the Beauty Highlights Set is a fantastic combination of Eye Shadow, Concealer and more, perfect for a special someone. (At a low price!)


#9 Ted Baker

Ted Baker offer fragrances that both sexes will be thrilled to open on Christmas day. It makes for a well thought out or even a last minute gift to surprise someone with perfume or cologne. Ted Baker just proves that big name brands don’t have to cost a lot; Superdrug are boasting his and hers fragrances in a selection of sizes at very wallet-friendly prices.

For Ted Baker bargains click here: Superdrug – Beauty, Health, Skincare & Perfume at Superdrug

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb £3.50 Rights; Lush

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb is only £3.50
Rights; Lush

#10 Lush

Known famously for their luxurious bath bombs and soaps, Lush products make the perfect gift for anyone, any time of year. But seeing as it’s Christmas and they’ve brought out a collection of extra special festive cosmetics – including Santa bath bombs – it’s too tempting not to grab a load whilst they last!

If you’re unsure which Lush product to go for, they produce a wonderful Christmas Cheer Gift Pack. Find it here for the bargain price of £12.69!


Now that the carnage that is Black Friday has finally passed, it’s officially safe for the more timid breed of shoppers to emerge from their homes and begin (or finish off) their Christmas shopping. So whether you don’t know where to even start or you just need that final finishing touch, beauty and style products make for a great gift, no matter who the receiver.