After yesterday’s tips you’ll be relaxing in the sun, enjoying your healthy hair, body and skin. But, sometimes, you can’t help but mope about the fact you’re going back to work soon or that your body isn’t as impressive as that sunbather’s over there  or even that essay for a class to fret over.

Confidence and peace of mind are key to overall health; you can be eating well and exercising regularly and still breakout, still lose your hair if you are constantly unsettled.

Positive thinking

As cheesy as it sounds, positive thinking can really do wonders. Try and think with a smile; pleasant thoughts will make you calmer and friendlier, which will in turn make you more approachable and likeable. Eliminate jealous thoughts; instead of thinking, ‘Wow, she has great abs. B****,” think, “Wow, she has great abs. I feel inspired to get back into my workouts.” Even offer a compliment– it will be acknowledged, which should help you feel appreciated, and you never know what useful tips you may be given!

Can’t change the situation? Change your view

Yes, you have to go back to work, but guess what? Work pays. Yes, university will be hard next year, but that degree will only open future doors. Instead of moaning over what you have to do, keep in mind what it does for you.

Listen to music

Music can have a profound impact on our psychological and physiological state, including affecting heart rate and emotion.  If you are in a negative or uninspired mood, ‘happy’ music can be irritating, whilst angry lyrics can be counterproductive. Instead, focus on soft, calming tunes, or songs with thoughtful or moving lyrics. You may want to try meditating to white noise; simply relax, close your eyes and clear your thoughts, concentrating on the sound. When in a good mood, upbeat music can make you feel even better, whilst slow or meditative songs relax and encourage a reflective and compassionate state of mind.

Rights; Nickolai Kashirin

Rights; Nickolai Kashirin

Create vision boards

Create a vision board of all the things that make you happy, such as photos of family and friends, and include motivational quotes, pictures and role models. Whenever you feel annoyed or gloomy, look at the board– it will help you remember all you have and all that inspires you.

Believe It

The mind is fascinating, and has allowed people to perform incredible feats. If we convince ourselves we can do something, we can do it. For instance, if you want that salary raise or those grades, tell yourself you’ve got it. Every day, twice a day, congratulate yourself on your achievement, as though it has already happened. Visualise your boss praising you; make a transcript featuring the grade and create an inspiration board covered in congratulations from family members. Really, REALLY convince yourself, and you never know.

Don’t Procrastinate

Have to pack those bags for your excursion tomorrow? Need to look over flight details for the return home? Do it now! The second you think, “I’ll do it later”, do it straght away. Not only will you have one less thing to worry about, you’ll feel a sense of achievement knowing you are prepared.

Accept others

Regardless of age, race, gender identity and sexual orientation, we are all just human, and although different, we’re equal. Try to avoid feeling smug as much as you try to avoid feeling intimidated, and you will be a better version of yourself for it. Be genuine; accept that your uniqueness does not make you any better or any less than another person and you’ll never lose sight of yourself.

Remember that you have one life

You have only one life – don’t spend it stressed out! Enjoy the summer, your holidays and always remember to enjoy yourself when you get back home.