Do they know it’s Christmas time at all? Possibly one of the most patronising and controversial questions asked this year.

The Band Aid 30 project has kicked up a lot of fuss since it was announced live on The X Factor by Sir Bob Geldof himself. After teaming up with Simon Cowell to make this appeal possible, Geldof and his army of singing celebrities are pleading the nation to donate to the Ebola charity. Their new Band Aid project is hoping to raise awareness of the Ebola virus and persuade us to donate money that these celebrities probably have down the back of their couch. But although some of them have financially helped out, most aren’t donating at all and instead are using Band Aid 30 as their version of ‘doing their bit’. So is this whole idea just a vanity project to boost their egos and make them look honourable? It seems like they’re setting it up and leaving the public to do all the fundraising work on their own.

There’s been some pretty negative feedback over the choice of celebrities featuring on the Band Aid music video – One Direction for example are up for taking the nation’s money but can’t cough up their own cash because they’ve splurged out on TWO private jets because flying together is no longer an option after a recent band fall out. Any members of the public that aren’t ages twelve to late twenties have no idea who most of the Band Aid 30 team are. YouTube vloggers Zoella and Alfie Deyes have been slammed for appearing in the music video despite not being professional singers – and rightly so. ‘YouTube famous’ vloggers are no more a celebrity than the next average Joe, so what gives? Bob Geldof seems to be rounding up troops that will make an ‘aid for Ebola’ video look glamorous and make themselves look like saints. Adele has also thrown a lot of negativity into the mix after refusing to appear in the Band Aid single. ‘Adele is doing nothing’ claimed Geldof in an interview before continuing to bash her about avoiding the limelight whilst she brings up her child. She has been reported to have made an under the radar donation to Oxfam but obviously she “doesn’t care enough” as she won’t sing alongside everyone else who probably haven’t lifted their own wallets yet. How thoughtless of her…

After announcing the news on The X Factor live show, Sir Bob Geldof implored (or maybe demanded is a more fitting word) us to buy the new Band Aid single and not simply watch it on youtube or stream it. It is of utmost importance that we all buy this track to raise money for Ebola! That seems the only logical solution so far anyway as tax dodging superstar Bob Geldof is in no hurry to spend his £32 million net worth. And once the money has been raised, it’s Geldof and his team that will rake in all the praise even though the likes of David Beckham have silently flown out and spent personal time with the families of Ebola victims and aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve. Bob Geldof’s passion fuels us all to donate our pennies to those who need it most because his condescending new single masks his fear of putting his hand in his own pocket.