Back to Basics with Pancakes

Ingredients: 110g plain flour, pinch of salt, 2 eggs, 200ml milk mixed with 75ml water, butter/oil. Makes approximately 8 pancakes. 

For all of you that are hopeless pancake makers like me, this simple recipe will make life easier and taste superb.

With my German upbringing, my grandmother has always used mineral instead of still. As odd as it may sound, it makes the pancakes fluffy, gives them a light and tender feel and tastes fantastic.

And there you have it, a batter ready for frying. To begin sieve the flour and add the pinch of salt to the flour, after this add in the eggs and whisk together. Ensuring flour from the sides have been mixed in, you can slowly mix in the milk and water.

Heat your non-stick pan with oil, you can use butter but this burns very quickly, until warm. Spoon in approximately four tablespoons worth of batter into the pan.

And this is usually where many people go wrong (like me) by over-pouring. The key is to create a thin lining within the pan.

The pancake is ready to flip once the edges lift from the pan and are a crisp golden colour. This then should be ready to turn and fry on the other side. This whole process should take about three minutes.

If you would like a thicker pancake, make sure to turn down the heat so they have enough time to cook inside.

If the flipping hasn’t worked out as expected, create yourself shredded pancake and customize.


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