Are ‘Meninists’ Actually Doing The Right Thing?


Since the recent rise in popularity and media coverage of feminism and the demand for male and female equality becoming more vocal, we’ve seen many impressive changes. Actress Emma Watson has become the ambassador for the ‘He for She’ movement (and included many well-known faces too) and The Sun has lessened the focus on Topless Models on Page 3 (though still hasn’t abolished them entirely). But as with any calm, a storm was always going to follow. Some men have taken to social media and shared their outrage over the demands of the feminists by calling for a union of ‘meninists’. These men are sticking two fingers up at the feminist movement and preaching for men’s rights to be represented too; it’s caused a bit of an uproar, to say the least.

This new term ‘Meninism’ is now being forced down our throats by active campaigners on social media. The idea – in general – is a great one: men teaming together to support equality. This of course includes the equal judgment for male victims of abuse and rape, men suffering with mental illnesses and the support of the gay and transgender male community. Men have always been perceived as our big, strong heroes, both in reality and also heavily in the media – this has led to men feeling unable to share their problems on an emotional level (in recent studies a frightening figure that of 5,981 suicides 4,500 of them were male). The fact that male suicides are significantly higher than that of females which implores us to reason with the fact that men need fighting for just as much as females. But it seems that only a small percentage of ‘meninists’ are actually taking a stand for what is important (and those who are addressing important issues aren’t actually identifying themselves as ‘meninists’) and the others just seem to be ‘trolling’ feminist campaigners.

magic mike

Magic Mike: Meninists claim that women aren’t the only ones who are objectified and have unrealistic body shapes thrusted at them. Rights; Lionsgate

Sadly, we live in a world where some men are still intimidated by powerful women and will do anything they can to sabotage that and keep themselves a rung higher on the social ladder. Other cases of this trolling form of ‘meninism’ (although some of these do seem legitimate) include teen boys slating the whole female race because they were romantically rejected by a girl. This ‘friend-zoning’ has made some young boys quite aggressive and say it’s “unfair and unacceptable” to be turned down by a girl because they claim to have “been nice to her”. This type of behaviour is a slippery slope to harassment and even rape, in extreme cases. It’s no wonder feminists have made sure their voices have been heard these past months. But ‘meninists’ aren’t the only ones blowing things out of proportion; extreme feminists have left a bad mark on the movement for equality by organising hate campaigns against all men and trying to get better rights for women, rather than equal rights as is the aim so far.

There’s no preferred party when it comes down to the tender subject of men/women’s rights as the movements in favour of both sexes are genuine, positive campaigns trying to make a difference a world. Unfortunately both men and women are guilty of making a bad name for their side with extreme controversial views and opinions. there will always be a natural conflict between men and women but whether it’s healthy or hateful is down to the individuals themselves; something many campaigners should keep in mind when they next post on Twitter or Message Boards.


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  • evansreview

    Although it’s great that these “meninists” are actually bringing up some important issues and countering some stigma for men surely the way they are doing it is an obnoxious and unpleasant way to achieve success. Although there are extreme feminists who are just as unpleasant in their campaigns, the ‘meninist’ trend seems to be made up of far more of these trolling types. What do you think?

    • Anoop Snoop

      It is true