Human beings are funny things.

Since the very beginnings of human life, our species has continually evolved, not just physically, but mentally – developing a constant need for innovation and technological advancement. Beginning with the discovery of static electricity in the Greek world, human beings have always had a fascination with the idea of electricity, and the ways in which it could assist our daily lives. Unsurprisingly then is that over time, we have developed a desperate need for this power and it has become a constant necessity in our lives; so much so, that the idea of living even one day without electricity becomes a terrifying prospect.

Busy Modern Life. Rights; Anna Dziubinska

Human Beings – Busy Modern Life.
Rights; Anna Dziubinska

Of course, this demand for electricity and fuel has many consequences and is taxing upon our earth. Slowly but surely, the vital fossil fuels that our earth provides us will become extinct and our precious, rich planet has now become a ticking time bomb which will eventually go off, leaving our world in an empty powerless state. For the many thousands of years which have now become our history, our ancestors relied on their basic human instincts to survive, using physical and mental strength to overcome the problems which faced them. Are we going to be able to overcome the problem which now overshadows our lives or has our insistent need to rely on computers to solve our problems for us made us redundant to work this out for ourselves?

Without the power of electricity that we have become so dependent on, our desire to design and create will continue yet this thirst will never be quenched, prevented by our lack of resources to achieve these inventions. Is there a way that humans can stop this time bomb from going off, or is it too late for our species to save itself from the inevitable end we ourselves have caused?


Only we can decide the fate of our planet; and it’s what we do now to change it that will save us from ourselves.


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Classical Civilisation and English Literature student with a passion for reading and writing. Interested in science & technology and music.

  • Hannah Chukwu

    Ooh, such a fascinating concept – how can we ever hope to stop? When will be satisfied?
    Beautifully written Chris!

  • Dani A

    Well done Christophe! Exactly why I think there should be a week every year in which electricity is stopped throughout the whole world.