Undoubtedly you’ve seen news this week that an American College was home to another mass shooting. A gunman, named as Chris Harper Mercer, stole into Oregon College on Thursday the 1st of October and shot 17 people with pistols and a rifle. In this brief spate of violence he killed nine people.

He even went to great lengths to protect himself -presumedly in order to keep shooting people – by wearing body armour.

Here in the UK this is not only unheard of, it is fantastical. There are British gangster films with lower death tolls than this college. The nation is brought to its knees when there is any sort of killing or shooting. Consider the killing of Lee Rigby.

If a shooting like this happened in a London college this week it would be pandemonium. News channels would have wall to wall coverage, and the press would go to great lengths debating how this could be allowed to be happen. The public would be shocked, appalled and incredulous that this sort of shooting could happen in a school.

But we’re not. Because we all know why it’s happened in America this week.

Yes, we can blame the man himself – who was clearly disturbed and sick in some way – who planned and executed this ruthless attack.

But – here in the UK at least – we know that without the free and easy access to weapons this would never have happened.

America is numb to this sort of shooting. It’s no wonder, according to a site called Mass Shooting Tracker, there have been 994 mass shootings in America in the last 1004 days. That’s nearly one per day.

A group of four people or more are shot, almost EVERY day.

And of course, that doesn’t even take into account shootings which aren’t considered as ‘Mass’ but – to our British, nay, Human sensibilities – would consider a travesty.

As Obama has quite rightly said in response to the attack, people’s lives are on the line and still Congress in the USA and Gun lobbying groups insist that Gun Laws in America aren’t a problem.

Even Republican Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump admitted that it’s impossible to know who, among the general public, has the capacity to carry out such violence. If that’s the case then the only way to prevent this is to tighten those laws. I will leave this all to brief piece on the subject with a simple thought. If it was YOU who was sick enough to want to try and kill 17 people how would you do it? Because, here in the UK, it would be next to impossible to do. Unfortunately, it’s not only easy in America; but it is also legal to possess the means to do so.



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I am the Editor for the Evans Review. I have previous experience working as a writer and editor for dozens of publications, including The Daily Telegraph, MSN, the Editorial section of (now defunct) LOVEFiLM, Kettle Mag and Journalism-Now Politically right of centre.