Harry Parkhill

I am the Editor for the Evans Review. I have previous experience working as a writer and editor for dozens of publications, including The Daily Telegraph, MSN, the Editorial section of (now defunct) LOVEFiLM, Kettle Mag and Journalism-Now Politically right of centre.

Billy Gill

Billy Gill is a twenty-something media junkie based in Manchester. He likes underused words, overblown discussion and Rhinoceroses.

Thomas Parkhill

A Conservative leaning molecular biology graduate. Interested in politics, sport and music. Originally from Boston, Lincolnshire.


Jazmin Frost

Aspiring novelist, veteran nerd. I'm a young gal with a Creative Writing degree and pretensions of making a living from it. Mostly I write science fiction and fantasy and I’ve penned a fair few short stories, but my great hope is to finish my first novel and find a publisher willing to back it. I welcome anybody with questions about my writing. Beyond that, my chief interests are videogames, movies and nerdom as a whole, and I enjoy scribbling reviews and other analytical pieces.

Sam Chipman

Actor, singer, saxophonist and theatre reviewer - Lover of Musical theatre, literature, wine and cups of tea. Member of The Labour Party.

Dominic Pratt

Dom D'Angelillo

Dom is an English Language graduate. He loves superheroes, gaming, and that expensive kid's toy called Lego!

Tara Sud

After living the first seventeen years of my life in India, I travelled to the England to study at the University of York. My undergraduate degree was in English Literature and Linguistics, and I am currently completing my Masters degree in Romantic and Sentimental Literature. Apart from writing, I thoroughly enjoy playing piano and consider myself a commendable Scrabble competitor. I have a keen interest in literature, psychology and biology and love to learn in general.

Julie Coy

English Literature graduate from Glasgow. Writer, b/vlogger and all round aspiring Cultural Commentator.

Bernard O'Shea

I'm like George Clooney, only without the face, physique or the charm. I have a passion for writing, sport and film.

Stuart Armstrong

English graduate, musician and aspiring journalist. I'm particularly interested in arts and culture.

Sian Collins

Bibliophile, logophile, linguaphile, philomath, big fan of dictionaries and thesauri. French student, more than a little pretentious.

Tom Evans

Graduate in history from the University of York. Political analyst and current affairs writer.

Georgia Goulding

19 year old creative writing student looking to change the world one word at a time. Strong supporter of LGBT and animal rights.

Sam Jordan-Turner

Studying history at the University of Hull and an aspiring sports journalist. Massive sports fan, writing about rugby, football or American football.

Dr Matt Piccaver

GP, writer and occasional TV doctor, I can be either found behind my desk at my surgery, or spending time with my children. In the rare hours I have to myself, I can be spending time lifting big lumps of metal and shouting, or weight lifting as it's otherwise known.

Rachel Munford

Blogger, Journalism Student in Glasgow, feminist, and bibliophile.

Leah Burke

A third year Literature student. Equalist, artist and health enthusiast.

Rebecca Rudge

I am a Theology Student studying at a Bible college in Derbyshire with a passion for God, music and writing.

George Prince

Copywriter and voiceover artist. I'm passionate about music and have been lucky enough to work in the industry for nine years.

David Berrill

Vet Student at the RVC. Big into football, music, films, current affairs. I'll write about just about anything to be honest. Right wing economically, socially liberal and cynical towards big business and mainstream media.

Sabina Ostman

Sabina is a Manchester-based novelist and screenwriter, with a degree in Creative Writing. Also a gamer and cartoon artist. She enjoys children's books and films, most likely because she - like Peter Pan - will never grow up.

Meg Morgan

Student writer providing a voice for the young people who dropped English after 3 months and so can't articulate their views in a way anyone will take seriously. I don't condone violence so my weapon of choice is wit, which always wins as long as the fights occur online.

Rachel Quaife

I'm currently about to go into my third year studying for a BA in English Literature. Whilst reading is wonderful and writing about that reading equally as great, writing about the issues of the world has always been my passion. Words can be inspirational and should be used as such.

Conor Lochrie

Studying Psychology at the University of Glasgow and an aspiring writer. Interested in football, music and films.

Max Biddlestone

Full time Theatre Studies Student, Part Time Employee in a Theatre. Aspiring writer, current volunteer. Originally from Dawlish, Devon, currently in Canterbury Kent.

Charlotte Dowd

A recent History graduate from the University of Leeds. Interested in human rights and the impact of colonialism, both overseas and in 20th century Britain, attempting to recover the Subaltern voice. Currently involved in a love-affair with cereal.

Sarah Kiernan

Third year student at the University of Bolton doing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. Originally from Brighton. Love writing, reading and researching.

Rhys Russell

19 year old fluent Welsh, History Undergraduate student in Aberystwyth. A passion for reading, writing and travelling. Other hobbies include music and football.

Richard Toulouse

Aspiring Educationalist & Developing Writer.

Josh Smith

English Literature and Creative writing student, currently studying at the university of Winchester, with an interest in English language. Aspiring author trying to make a living. The shark is not a mammal.

Rhodri Cannon

Shannon Rawlins

Catherine Dunster

Philip Coddington

I am a contributor to the Evans Review. Recently, I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in History with Contemporary Chinese Studies, and while it may be a given that historical studies are my 'bread and butter' reading - particularly concerning the origins, course and aftermath of the Second World War - I frequently turn my hand toward devouring fiction and non-fiction, from the opuses of Kingsley Amis to the works of Christopher Hitchens.

Rosie Firmin

Gemma Parry

Nadine Forshaw

Full time copy writer, blogger and journalist. Lover of coffee, spinach, and dog videos. Graduated from the University of Winchester with First Class Honours in Journalism, now working as a full time content write for a B2B agency, hunting down my opportunity to join the front line of breaking news. Interviewed influential politicians including Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. Not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Rob J Bramham

21 year old idealist with a passion for new music and a penchant for old cinema. Trading East Yorkshire for East London.


I'm a London-based Canadian with a love for culture.

Charles Pensulo